your friends are here, just next to you

Go to the light, aBbie, where those who have gone before you wait, with anticipation of feeling your presence. They will welcome you with open arms, combined with love, laughter and feelings that are the happiest that could be possibly felt by anyone, on earth or in heaven. Honey, There is no pain or suffering. Sadness is absolute impossibility. When you enter the light you can play with all of your friends that mysteriously disappeared while you were so gallantly battling the evil plague of cancer, and dodging cleverly the Grim Reaper’s angry hand of darkness that he possesses.

Those that are still on earth will certainly miss you deeply and long for your sense of specialness, but you will live in my heart and spirits. You are the reason that all people around me who know you were somehow brought closer to each other.

What is truly amazing is the way that, no matter what problems or complicated obstacle you had confront you. You consistetly overpowered and overcome you. Instead of thinking that you gave up, I admire your braveness and gallantry. I am somewhat relieved that you are finally going to feel the freedom of being a regular little girl and know that you have probably accomplished more than most of us will ever accomplish.

This heart you have thouched will never lose the feeling of love. So, honey when you suddenly find your self alone in the dark tunnel and pinpoint of light is visible, remember me and find the courrage to go into the light, where your friends, family could reach you again. We miss you so very….

end post

dedicated to soul keeper


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