just promise me

The big question is wheter you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure

Joseph Campbell

Will we…?

It’s strange, the things you remember. When life has crumbled suddenly, and left you standing there alone. It’s not big important things that you remember when you come to that, not the plans of years, not the love or the hopes you have worked so hard for. It is the little things that you remember then, the little things you had noticed at the time. The way a hand touched yours, and you busy to notice, the hopeful little inflection on a voice you didn’t really bother to listen to.

It was really us… do the plans to put every kindness in our life, to put every single love to give, to put our strenghness to light up the darkness. Being candle in the night… it was really us… Doing everything in angridity, shout out everywhere just make other mistakes come and come again. Now I really understand and could see anything clearly, that I have to dealing with my self about evrything happened in the past, while the love river being shallower.

Yes all the thing I remembered when life crumbled suddenly are just the small thing, not the big one. Then, why I wait? I have to do it, right here right now and when the time has come… promise me, that mickey mouse must go away…


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