berJalan di Atas Angin

Dear Son,

Don’t know how it all happened to us. I feel emptiness on my own this time, sitting there all alone in the middle of the nowhere.

Thinking the story about that day in hospital, I decided to write this letter, let you know the truth, the thing you never know before.
I had two children, identical twin girl, and they the only I have since my husband left us.

Zeeta is my daughter, and Tanah Lot waves took her away couple years ago. We never had seen her again after all.

Natasha, my little girl, she just came out of her French course. Broken heart driven her to do something mad. She passed red light on highway ramp jump into the accident by you.

You haven’t met her before, because Natasha never been there at sea point, It was Zeeta who really come to fetch her little sister as she said to Natasha in her dream night before the day happened.

Don’t know whether want to blame you for it all or many thanks to make them together. Whatever it was, she has chosen you.

Go on your life, keep it as memories… Willingly

May all the best with you


Texeira, Mrs.

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2 thoughts on “berJalan di Atas Angin

  1. Mas, cerpen texeira nya aku masukin ke redaksi dan sekarang udh terbit di edisi minggu. Sorry telat banget minta ijinnya, tapi gpp kan? please
    buat lagi ya cerpennya, aku tunggu ya, puisi juga boleh deh 🙂
    jangan lupa rek bank?!

    Makasi mas

  2. hohoho.. okay beib, tapi lain kali minta ijinnya duluin sebelum terbitnya yah, btw mo di transferin berapa neh, ekplore nya mahal je ke afrika 3 tahun 🙂 makasi ya dess

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