Calvinia, tHe yellow Carpet

The accusation is often made that city dwellers romanticise rural life too much. This is simply not so – most people just know instinctively what is good for the soul.

I choose this place to brought in my dream tonight… i need balance my one

When you leave home to go on vacation it is with certain expectations, and it is generally accepted that you will sleep in unfamiliar and mostly uncomfortable beds, eat foods that are sometimes not so nice, and make do without some of the luxuries and things you like. It does not have to be so!

In South Africa’s largest province, the Northern Cape Province, about halfway between Cape Town and Upington in the Karoo lies a gem that can truly be called Homeaway from home.

I was thingking that is my place to put the wedding ring onto my wife finger, in old small church with only families as witness, but hurrible life brought me into nightmare for last two years…. I am sorry babe
In this haven I can really relax to my heart’s content because the atmosphere here is so conducive to it. It is a town where people are still real, where i can stop a stranger to ask directions, or sometimes just to chat. Here i can allow myself to be “transported” to the past while still having the best of modern society.

Calvinia nestles at the foot of the statuesque Hantam Mountains. These mountains are significant because of the fact that it is the border between no less than six climatic regions, i.e. Ceres-Karoo semi desert to the south, Bokveld with fynbos, proteas and bulbous plant kingdom to the west, Namaqualand to the north-west with its springflower splendour, Bushmanland to the north-east, the Great Karoo to the east, and the Roggeveld with the lowest winter temperature to the south.

I really miss that place where i have the greatest breakfast in my entire life… This is my place to go when i need to recharge

Calvinia, Northen Cape Province, ZA,


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